Our Families

This page shows members of Gay Dads Australia and their Awesome Families.  
If you want to share a picture of your amazing family, send details to rodneycruise@gmail.com.
Dads: Anthony
Children: Asha
Location: Sydney, Australia
Dads: Tom and Heath
Children: Alexander
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Dads: David
Children: Tamsyn and Montana
Location: Perth, Australia
Dads: Harun and Austin
Children: Alfie and Ernest
Location: Hong Kong / New York
Dads: Shane
Children: Logan and Darwin
Location: Perth, Australia
Dads: Gary and Min
Children: Bohdi and Summer
Location: Yangon, Myanmar
Dads: Terry and Richard
Children: Ameesha and Kareena
Location: Perth, Australia
Dads: Gavin and David
Children: Aneliese and Marleina
Location: Cairns, Australia
Dads: Michael
Children: Olive
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Dads: Jason and Brendan
Children: Max
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Dads: Glenn and Ben
Children: Marcus and Finn
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Dads: Larry and Michael
Children: Louise and Olivia
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Dads: Mark and Matt
Children: Estelle and Tate
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Dads: Simon and Richard
Children: Annabella, Scarlet and Indiana
Location: Perth, Australia
Dads: Colin
Children: Charles and MacArthur
Location: Sydney, Australia
Dads: Kent and Mark
Children: Alex and Olivia
Location: Surrey, United Kingdom
Dads: Adrian and Matt
Children: Alice and Thomas
Location: Malvern East, Australia
Dads: Darren
Children: Indigo and Marley
Location: Bear Gully, Australia
Dads: Scott and Patrick
Children: Dulcie and Seth
Location: Sydney, Australia
Dads: Brett and Tony
Children: Jagan, Ajay, Taran and Gyan (Godmother Mena)
Location: Bendigo, Australia
Dads: Cohen and Murray
Children: Charlee
Location: Australia
Dads: Ashley and James
Children: Stella
Location: Sydney, Australia
Dads: Jason and Adrian
Children: Ruben
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Dads: Dillon and Simon
Children: Charlotte
Location: Sydney, Australia
Dads: David and Ivan
Children: Alfred
Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone
Dads: Tony and Lee
Children: Alexander and Lucinda
Location: St Kilda, Australia
Dads: Traff and Mike
Children: Eleanor
Location: Prahran, Australia
Dads: Sam and Phil
Children: Ruby and Zoe
Location: Sydney, Australia
Dads: Trevor and Dallas
Children: Paiget and Lando
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Dads: Jeremy and Vince
Children: Willow and Taylor
Location: Perth, Australia
Dads: Darren and David
Children: Cooper
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Dads: Paul and Micheal
Children: Levi
Location: Sydney, Australia
Dads: Ben and Roger
Children: Thomas and William
Location: Mollymook, Australia
Dads: Rodney and Jeff
Children: Aki, Ethan and Justin
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Dads: Michael and Craig
Children: Olivia
Location: Cairns, Australia


Anonymous said...


Archangellover said...

I am sooo jealous. Lovely families guy

Unknown said...

I am single gay dad. How can I connect with other gay parents in Brisbane?

Unknown said...

I am a single gay dad too, immigrant. How can I connect with other gay dads in Brisbane?

Rodney Chiang-Cruise said...

Hi Li Pen. Send me an email to rodneycruise@gmail.com and I will help you connect to a group of gay dads in Queensalnd

Anonymous said...

We are a couple living in st kilda Melbourne, This is so inspiring, we can not wait till we can show off our baby.

Starting of on this journey is overwhelming and hard to take it in sometimes. It's so nice to see so many happy couples with such happy lovely babies.

With so many questions it helps a lot to have website like this that help with so much information.


Rodney Chiang-Cruise said...

Hi Gay Dads Expecting. Congratulations and we look forward to seeing your new family photo on this site sometime soon!

Remember there is plenty of assistance via the gay dads community. if you haven't please join the Gay Dads thru Surrogacy email group (send me an email to rodneycruise@gmail.com for further info)