Thursday, March 1, 2007

Australian Journal of Early Childhood - "Voices from an enclave: lesbian mothers' experiences of child care" by Tania Ferfolja & Jen Skattebol

Eight lesbian mothers' experiences and perceptions of their young children's early childhood education are examined in this paper. The visibility of their lesbian identities and the narrow definition of family in early childhood settings were seen as significant issues in their experiences as child care users. The paper traces the issues to the normative ideas of, and superficial engagement with, families in early childhood curriculum, pedagogy, practices and procedures. Even in a relatively accepting community within a lesbian enclave in inner city Sydney, the mothers were required to undertake complex negotiations about the way the child care setting catered to their family constellation in everyday practices. The paper argues that early childhood educators could better support this group through more active engagement in representing a broad range of differences, including those relating to sexuality. (Journal abstract, edited)

[Source: Australian Journal of Early Childhood v.32 no.1 Mar 2007: 10-18]

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