Friday, March 14, 2008

Shepparton News - "Keen to Secure Equal Standing" by Kim Stephens

Rowena Allen and Kaye Bradshaw siad the birth of their daughter Alexandra hammered home the inequality gay and lesbian couples face. Victorian Government MPs are expect to pass a new Bill that will create a relationships register for gay and lsbian couples to officially recognise them as partners.

Part of the new legislation would enable a same sex partner to discuss medical treatment with doctors, something Ms Bradshaw was legally unable to do when Ms Allen underwent an emergency caesarean.

"At this point we have no rights", Ms Allen said.

"Kaye is not formally recognised as here (Alexandra's) parent." The couple were forced to undergo home insemination to conceive Alexandra with access to IVF services only permitted for medical reasons.

"Women are denied access to IVF if the are scoially infertile, i.e. if they don't want to have sex with a man", Ms Bradshaw said.

Ms Bradshaw and Ms Allen said though it needed an "accelerator", there were confident society was steadily progressing and gay couples would on day be recognised as equal to heterosexual couples.

"We hope that by the time Alexandra's at school we will be formally married, " Ms Allen said.

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