Wednesday, June 11, 2008

SX - "Hope for prospective HIV-positive dads" by Katrina Fox

HIV-positive gay men who want to become fathers can do so in the US, thanks to new developments in assisted reproduction technology and legislation changes in California.

Growing Generations, the US’s largest surrogacy agency, has launched a new program that provides surrogacy and egg donation services to men with HIV and allows them to use their own sperm to create biological families.

“Reproductive technologies have developed to the extent where they can now identify and separate the virus from semen so they can have virus-free semen used for insemination,” Anthony Brien, moderator for social networking group Gay Dads NSW, told SX.

The group has invited Kim Bergman from Growing Generations to give a talk next week on surrogacy options for gay men, including those who are HIV-positive. While surrogacy is not permitted under Australian law, those who can afford it can travel to the US, contract a surrogate to carry a child for them and then bring that child back to Australia.

“We have a number of dads in Australia who are parents that way,” Brien said.

ACON CEO Stevie Clayton said there is an option for HIV-positive men’s sperm in Australia to be ‘washed’ to remove HIV. “But this process can be prohibitively expensive,” Clayton told SX.

Gay Dads NSW information night with speakers Kim Bergman from Growing Generations and gay men who have gone through the surrogacy process will be held on Monday, June 16, 7pm at Twenty10 offices, 43 Bedford St, Newtown. RSVP to

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