Thursday, January 29, 2009

Update - Centrelink recognises same-sex relationships from 1 July 2009

The Australian Government passed wide-ranging reforms that recognise all couples, regardless of the sexual orientation gender of partners.

From 1 July 2009 changes to legislation will mean that customers who are in a same-sex de facto relationship will be recognised as partnered for Centrelink purposes. All customers who are assessed as being a member of a couple will have their rate of payment calculated in the same way.

Questions and answers:

* Who will be affected by these changes?
* When will the changes be implemented?
* What do I have to do?
* How could my payment change?
* What else should I know?
* More information
* Factsheets and publications
* Other government changes
* Can I be sure that my relationship status will remain private?
* Reviews and appeals
* Case studies
* Useful links

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