Saturday, June 13, 2009

JOY 94.9 Radiothon – Time to Support the Station that Supports Us

download For those people in Melbourne who listen to JOY 94.9 Radio and those interstate/overseas who listen to JOY on the web, this is a message for you. 

JOY 94.9 is currently running their annual Radiothon.  I would like to encourage people to renew their membership or join up during the Radiothon period to help keep JOY on the air and going strong.

JOY 94.9 has been an ongoing and strong supporter of GAY DADS and Gay Dads Australia over the years.  Every year they run our Community Service Announcement (CSA) on a high rotation.  This costs us nothing (which is good because we don't have any money!) but provides a way of reaching out to Gay Dads and potential Gay Dads in our community.  Over the years many of us from Gay Dads have appeared as guests on various programs, talking about and sharing our experiences about being Gay Dads.  It has allowed us to connect to each other and helped others who may feel isolated as Gay Parents know that they are not alone.  JOY 94.9 has been a wonderful help in fulfilling our aims of being a social, support and information source to Gay Dads and Dads to be.

They need our support in return and I would encourage everyone to join up or renew their membership during the Radiothon.  There is an added bonus, and that is loads of great prizes to be won.

JOY 94.9 offers individual and family memberships (another way they recognise and support G&L families).  For more information please visit

Kicking off on Friday June 12 and running on-air for 10 days the JOY 94.9 Alphabet Soup Radiothon will ensure the station remains a staple in the communityʼs media diet. The station provides an independent voice for the diverse GLBTIQ Community (often referred to as “the alphabet soup” community) by providing a healthy diet of Music, Talks shows, News & Current Affairs and Arts & Culture programs.

The station receives no re-current government funding and is proudly self funded through on-air sponsorship and more importantly memberships and donations.

Every soup needs seasoning so weʼve got a range of great prizes available to all new and renewing members, total prize pool is over $30,000. Whatever your taste weʼve got something for you.

Help keep JOY 94.9 in the radio food chain and support the station, because we canʼt make a complete alphabet soup without U.

Become a Member

Join up now by calling 9699 2949 or online via Our Community.

JOY 94.9 membership rates:

All membership subscriptions are annual (all fees include GST)

  • $88   Family
  • $66   Full
  • $33   Concession
  • $22   Under 18
  • $150 Business / Organisation

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