Monday, July 13, 2009

GLRL calls for community to take action on adoption reform

Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby logoThe NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby welcomes the recommendations to remove discrimination against same-sex couples and their children made by the recent NSW Parliament Law and Justice Committee, but now urge the GLBT community to take action to ensure the reforms are implemented.

The GLRL will soon be meeting with key members of the NSW Parliament to discuss the reforms. The GLRL is calling upon community members to provide their own personalised stories through our website, so as to aid us with our lobbying efforts when meeting with various members of parliament during the campaign.

GLRL Co-Convenor Benjamin Keats said, “It is important that members of the NSW Parliament hear about the personal impact of discrimination from same-sex couples and their children. We know from our previous law reform work that personal stories make a difference.”

To take action, please visit the NSW GLRL website ( and simply enter your details and personal story or opinion. The letter is automatically generated and sent the Premier and Minister for Community Services.

“It is clear that there is widespread support in the community for equality. There is no valid reason for the NSW Government not to act swiftly to remove this last area of direct discrimination against same-sex couples in NSW law,” concluded Emily Gray, GLRL Co-Convenor.

Using the GLRL website the community can easily make their voices heard to pressure the NSW Government to delver on adoption reform in 2009

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