Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Courier Mail – “Same sex couples to be allowed to have surrogate children” by Steven Wardill

SAME sex couples in Queensland will be allowed to become parents through altruistic surrogacy, Premier Anna Bligh has told parliament.

Ms Bligh this morning announced her government would legalise altruistic surrogacy for all Queenslanders, including same sex couples.

Queensland is one of the few jurisdictions where altrusitic surrogacy - where no money changes hands - remains illegal.

Miss Bligh told parliament the new laws would ensure children born through surrogacy would have the same rights as every child.

``We will do this because each and every Queenslander who wants to be a parent should be allowed the opportunity to do so,'' Ms Bligh said.
``Anyone who is unable to conceive a baby but who wants to become a parent should know the joy of bringing a child into the world, providing them with life lessons, shaping their future and guiding them into adulthood.''

"At the end of the day, we want every child to be raised in a nurturing environment," she said.

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