Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gay Dads through Surrogacy – Blog Collection

There is a growing collection of blogs out there from Australia and around the world of Gay Dads and Dads to be charting their surrogacy journey.  Each of them provide helpful information and tell a wonderful story full of love and commitment.  Below is a selection of the ones that I am aware of.

  • Gay Dads Australia – Australia - This blog is run by Gay Dads Australia and provide lots of information on Surrogacy together with an extensive media archive relating to all things Australian and GLBTI parenting.
  • From India With Love….  - Australia - This is a blog by Johnny and Darren “Just your happily 'unmarried' couple who this year celebrate 13 years together. We live in the picturesque Blue Mountains, west of Sydney in NSW Australia & have become parents via commercial surrogacy in India. This is our story...”
  • Orea-Zoi – Australia - George K’s blog about his surrogacy journey and his twins Electra and Eros “Lives life to the fullest, consumed by the world around him, delights in his family and friends........ OH! and has just became a DAD! ...... TWINS!” 
  • Lucas – Australia - “Single man, though not by choice, but I just have extremely high standards. Have wanted kids for nearly 13 years, so now's the time to stop making excuses and bite the bullet. If I'm going to wait for Mr Right, then considering my past experience, I'll always be waiting for a very long time. Will it be easy? Hell no! Fun? Mostly! Fulfilling? Always! If you wanna get to know me better, drop me a line and say hi”.
  • Our Surrogacy Story – Australia - Will and Michael  “have been in a committed relationship for nine years. We are now attempting to have a child through surrogacy to complete our family”.
  • Fatherhood: Life with Addison – USA - Greg and Rob’s blog on their Indian Surrogacy journey. ”We are two guys who had a precious baby girl born via Surrogacy India. This is our Story...”
  • Looking for Baby… – USA - Doug and Bill’s Egg-cellent Adventure into Surrogacy. "My partner, Bill, and I live in Hawaii and have been together since February 1996. This is a blog of our journey to become parents”.
  • Becoming Dads – Canada - Todd (Canadian) and Matt (Aussie) blog - “A gay couple consider expanding their non-traditional family; anyway but the olde fashioned way”.
  • Stalking the Stork – USA - Jason and Adrian blog. “We're a Spanish-American binational gay couple living in Los Angeles and exploring becoming dads via surrogacy in India”.
  • Christmas Eve Boys – Terry and Steve from the US charting their journey.
  • Here we go again – Europe - Robert and Fredrik’s blog on their journey to become parents through surrogacy in India.
  • John and Steve are Having a Baby – John and Steve’s blog on their journey. “We’re really just two strapping, young (shut up) homosexuals who are at the stage in our relationship where having a child just seems…well right”.
  • The Allton Nee Three – UK/HK - Adam and Michael blog “Well this is our blog! We have been together 11 years and just embarked upon our first surrogacy attempt. We decided to use Thailand for our surrogacy and hopefully 2010 will be our year! We live and work in Hong Kong but are from the UK. We are updating this blog regularly and hoping for good news soon!!”
  • Chiang-Cruise – Australia - Jeff and Rodney Chiang-Cruise’s blog on their family and all things GLBTI parenting in Australia.
  • BT JR – The Becoming Tour – Australia – Chronicles of Geoff & Naigel’s Adventure to Become Parents.
  • Introspective – Australia – Michael “shares his life with a loving man, beautiful twin girls, 2 dogs and 2 rainbow lorikeets”.
  • 2 Dads and a Baby – Australia – Paul and Chris “Follow us on our journey to becoming a family”.
  • 2 Dad Family – Australia – Two guys in Melbourne and the “ragdoll cat Frankie” on the surrogacy journey.
If you know of any more (I am sure there are many, many others please share them.

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