Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[Australia] - Gay News Network - Rainbow Families Will Soon Be 'Appy - Lana Wilson

Was recently interviewed for GNN on the Rainbow Family Finder phone app that is soon to launch.  It sounds like a wonderful idea and looking forward to taking it for a spin!

Rainbow Families and LGBT parents around the globe may soon be able to search and connect on a whole new level, due to a specifically designed smart phone app.

The ‘Rainbow Family Finder’ app, which is expected to launch within weeks, allows families and single parents to create profiles and make friend requests to other rainbow families within a 50 kilometre radius to their area, using GPS technology. 

The app was initiated by Sydney-based lesbian mums, Alicia Cavanagh and Shanel Hennessey, after their 8 year-old daughter met children from another rainbow family during a trip to Fiji.

 “We are very excited about the release and the interest we have attracted from all over the world,” Cavanagh said.

“Our difficulty has been that, although there are many couples that we associate with, none of them are yet to experience having children and the issues that come along with raising them.”

“This app will simply allow us, and the many other potential users, to connect with like minded families for advice, experiences and friendship,” she said.

Rodney Chiang-Cruise of support group Gay Dads Australia welcomed the idea and thinks the app will be particularly useful to rainbow families living in regional and rural areas. 

“Isolation for GLBTI people is always a problem, and when raising children, trying to deal with the isolation is just another thing to add to a very heavy work load,” he said.

“As most of us now have smart phones, I think rainbow families will really appreciate this opportunity.”

Alicia and Shanel both hope to increase the app’s features after the launch, to include a search tab that will find LGBT events within the user’s radius.

The app is yet to be submitted to Apple and Android for approval.

Rainbow Family Finder Website

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