Friday, October 26, 2012

[Australia] - QNews - PFLAG launches a new resource for Parents - by Toby Longhurst

News from PFLAG on a wonderful initiative to support parents when their child comes out to them.  Their motto "Keeping Families United" is spot on!

PFLAG  is a fantastic support group that provides emotional support to parents coming to terms with loved ones identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.  (Parents & Friends’ of Lesbians & Gays)

PFLAG have released a new resource kit that helps parents understand their kids when they are coming out which is especially helpful  for parents  not ready to speak to others or for those living in regional and rural areas with limited access to support.  PFLAGS' coming out kit includes a book written by Shelley Argent which is now part of PFLAG resources and a DVD of parent’s  stories including  parents struggling with homophobia, suicide, religious issues plus general concerns that many parents deal with, while coming to terms with their loved one “coming out”.

PFLAG's motto is “keeping families united” and they hope that this new resource will do just that, by removing the “fear factor” and hastening understanding and support for LGBT loved ones.  The resource is FREE and accessible by contacting  PLAG via  or phone one of the mums Shelley Argent  on 0409 363 335 or email and ask for one to be posted out to you.

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