Friday, November 23, 2012

[Australia] - Casual Conversation - Documentary about Child Sexual Abuse

As you know the issue of child sexual abuse has been in the media a lot recently.  It is a difficult subject and finally it is a conversation that this country is going to have via the Royal Commission.  A conversation long overdue.

Child sexual abuse affect us all, gay or straight, rich or poor, any nationality or religion.  Two documentary film makers, Lee Matthews and Monique Schafter are making a film on this topic, in effect starting a very powerful conversation.  I am proud to say that I am a big supporter of this project.  Child sexual abuse touches us all, either directly or indirectly.  For those of us with children, it is something that is always a worry.  Could it happen to them?

Lee says "for those who have personally experienced abuse, they still have little public voice. Our documentary will change that. It’ll provide a platform for survivors to open up the conversation and provide tools for family and friends to bring their loved ones out of isolation".

Lee and Monique are seeking funding support for this documentary that provides a vital voice to survivors of child sex abuse, and they need your help.

Even as little as a $5 pledge can help get this important film made.  If you can pledge more even better.

About the Director
MONIQUE SCHAFTER is a Walkley Award winning storyteller who co-hosted the ABC's ground-breaking current affairs program 'Hungry Beast'.
Over three series on 'Hungry Beast', Monique produced stories on a variety of issues such as mental illness, disability, aged care, bullying, sexuality and religion.
Monique now reports on Australia's nightly primetime current affairs show '7:30', and hopes to take a leave of absence to direct this film.

To find out more and to support this documentary, please visit CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE: Casual Conversation, Serious Subject.

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