Monday, November 12, 2012

[Australia] - GAYBY BABY - New Documentary

I have been following the progress of GAYBY BABY, a new documentary about kids growing up in same-sex families.  It is an important and powerful documentary that needs to be made. The makers are at a critical stage and are seeking crowd-funding to help bring it to completion.  Please read below and if you can contribute something to help it get completed, you will be helping in the development of an important piece of the narrative of our families.

GAYBY BABY is an independent documentary about kids growing up in same-sex families, which is now raising money for completion. The director, who has lesbian mothers, will speak to kids from same-sex families and take you behind closed doors into their homes and schools.

The voice of children with same-sex families has been notably silent in the marriage equality debate. Everyone has an opinion on what such children ‘need’ … but no one has ever asked them. Until now.

The film is now raising money for completion via crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a new and exciting way of financing that allows you to back the films you want to see. It means you have the power to get this story out there.

Find out more, watch the video and get involved at:

Every piece counts.

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