Thursday, December 6, 2012

[Australia] - Family Relationship Centres - Rainbow Families Survey

Oh, I hear you say "another bloody survey".  Well yes, it is. But please remember that when agencies and researchers start asking questions about our families to help improve services to us, you can't complain.  We all should support initiatives like this because it is how real, practical changes occur.  So, take 10 minutes, read below and then do the survey.

Melbourne and Greensborough Family Relationship Centres are inviting you to participate in an online survey of Rainbow Families.  The survey should take 10 – 15 mins to complete. Please note this survey is designed for parents and carers who identify as being part of a Rainbow Family (for the purpose of this survey, a Rainbow Family is defined as parents who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex, and their children).

Family Relationship Centre’s are funded by the federal government to provide information, advice, referrals and family dispute resolution services (mediation) to families experiencing separation. We are currently exploring the way our Centres work with Rainbow Families, their experiences in accessing our services and how we can improve outcomes for individuals, families and children. We will be asking about you and your family’s experiences in using family support services in general, as well as in relation to separation, co-parenting and donors. We are interested in hearing about your experiences and what you look for when choosing support services. The information provided to us will be used to inform changes that are made within our organisation to become more inclusive of Rainbow Families.

Clink on this link to access the survey.

Please pass this on to your networks or anyone you know who may like to participate in the survey.

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