Sunday, December 2, 2012

[Australia] - Superstar and Proud Gay Dad Ricky Martin Coming to Australia

It has just been announced that Ricky Martin is coming to Australia to be a guest judge on The Voice.

Ricky is the proud dad of twin boys born via surrogacy and he is a powerful advocate for marriage equality and GLBTI parenting rights.

We'd love to meet Ricky when he gets downunder to talk to him about what is it like being a gay dad.  We also love to get Ricky to do a short PSA (Public Service Announcement) on behalf of GLBTI parents in Australia.  It is amazing what a powerful voice like Ricky's can achieve.

If you know of anyway that we could contact Ricky Martin to see if he could speak to us, please let us know.

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;David said...

Wonderful news!

His perspective would be of great value