Tuesday, December 11, 2012

[Taiwan] - Court Decision Soon on Same-Sex Marriage Case

Rodney & Jeff Chiang-Cruise
Aki, Ethan & Justin
I obviously have a particular interest in same-sex marriage, but even more so in relation to Taiwan.  My partner, Jeff, is from Taiwan and we spend a large amount of time there.  We visit for many reasons.  It is where Jeff was born, it is where his family mostly live and it is really quite a liberal, progressive and exciting East Asian country.

One of the main reasons we go, is because Jeff parents and family want to see the grandchildren.  Children are a central part of Taiwanese culture and the fact that we are a same-sex couple with children makes no difference to Jeff's fairly traditional Taiwanese family.  The accept and celebrate our relationship and family.  It is pure joy to visit and experience so much love.

Next month, a Taiwanese court is going to rule on whether a same-sex marriage can be registered in Taiwan.  I am not hopeful that the decision will be favourable but it is a testament to Taiwan that this case exists at all.  Also, next year there will be a same-sex marriage bill presented to parliament in Taiwan. I suspect it's chances of success are limited, but the community dialog it is creating is powerful.

The Bangkok Post has a short article on the court case, which you can read here.

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