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[USA] - Mark and Steve - The Final Stretch of their Surrogacy Journey

There is a lovely couple of guys in the USA called Mark and Steve who I have recently discovered.  They are on that amazing journey of surrogacy to become parents.  

The "All things Surrogacy" website has posted a blog entry from Mark called "Out Journey to a Family as Gay Dads".    I love reading the journey of guys on the path to fatherhood.  Having been down the surrogacy path ourselves, we understand the highs and lows, the excitement and anticipation.  It is a big journey and one guys never take lightly.  These kids are always wanted and loved. 

Wishing Mark and Steve all the best from Australia!

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My partner Steve and I have been together since December 2001and we got married last August, nearly 11 years since we met, after same sex marriage was legalized in New York.  Ever since we met we talked about having kids someday.  Realizing our dream to start a family has been a long journey but worth it in every way.

I grew up in a big family and Steve grew up in a very small family.  I always loved kids and Steve longed to have a big family someday.  I remember seeing how happy Steve was playing with my niece and nephew for the first time around 8 years ago and thinking how great it would be to start a family soon.  We also realized that if it were ever possible we wanted to have a biological connection to our kids.  We knew we could love any child and thought a lot about adoption but there was something magical about seeing a part of you in your child’s eyes.

Well… it took longer than we thought to start the process of creating a family.  Once we realized that surrogacy was an option, we realized that we needed to be in a secure financial position before we started.  We didn’t want to cut any corners in the surrogacy process, and we wanted to make sure that we can provide a comfortable life for our children.  About two years ago we started attending seminars and discussion groups at the LGBT Center for prospective gay dads, also known as “Men Having Babies”.  Steve and I also looked at each other and had the same thought.  ”Hello… we will be in our 40′s by the time we have our first child.  It’s now or never”.  Everyone says you’re never prepared to have your first child and we were probably more prepared than most at this point.

Around this time last year we signed on with Circle Surrogacy and Connecticut Fertility Associates, and cannot be happier with how our journey has gone so far.  We were matched with Jamie from Indiana, an amazing surrogate who the previous year delivered twins also for a gay couple.  She has a very supportive husband and two amazing boys of her own.  We have grown very close over the last year and consider her a part of our family.  Jamie is giving us an incredible gift and we both did not anticipate how close we would become with our surrogate.

The IVF process was incredibly smooth as well.  Our egg donor had a successful egg retrieval and we ended up with 7 Day 5 blastocysts, which we are told is quite good. We transferred just one embryo and that first transfer proved successful.  Our other embryos are frozen and will be used for a future sibling journey.  Since the transfer we’ve been to Indiana three times for ultrasound appointments, and on the last trip we found out we were having a boy.  That was a special moment that Jamie, Steve and I all shared.  It’s hard to believe that we are finally in the home stretch.  This week starts the third trimester and we just can’t wait anymore to meet our little guy.  For now we get weekly pictures of Jamie’s baby bump and reports on his movements in the womb. We’re told he’s quite active but routine which is good.  We’re going to Skype tonight and are looking forward to that.  We couldn’t be happier.

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