Thursday, January 24, 2013

[Australia] - Foster Care - Two Dads Raising Foster Child - Offbeat Families

James Bryant is one of two gay dads who live in Queensland, Australia.  They share their story and journey as gay foster carers "in the hopes that it will motivate others to do the same".  The have a great blog called "Two Dads and Me" which is worth visiting.

This week on the Offbeat Families website, they are profiling James and his family.

"There are some days you'll always remember clearly, and the day we decided to become foster carers is one of them. Lacking in the natural beauty you may be expecting for a day like that, we were actually driving home from the movies on a Saturday afternoon, chatting about our future. We were heading toward the pointy end of a decade and an engagement just shy of 12 months old, and the talk of children and the rest of our lives together was the focus".

To read more of this wonderful piece, please visit Offbeat Families here.  Thanks to Family Equality for the link.

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