Monday, January 21, 2013

[Australia] - The Most Urgent Story in the Queer Community? - Jacqui Tomlins

Sarah Nichols (left) and Jacqui Tomlins
with Corin, Scout, and Cully

Jacqui Tomlins is a powerhouse of a woman.  Lesbian mum and GLBTI activist.  She has just written an article entitled "The Most Urgent Story in the Queer Community".  The article is covers the Midsumma smash hit play "Gaybies" as well as the recent Rainbow Families picnic in Melboure.  Unfortunately, our family couldn't get there but it was wonderful to hear so many GLBTI families did!  

"Adam Gardnir, from Midsumma said: When we commissioned Dean [Bryant], we were looking for the most urgent stories in the queer community. Now, I’m not quite sure we qualify for such highfalutin status, but I do think we will see more and more public focus on us and our families in the next year or so: Maya Newell’s documentary, Dr Simon Crouch’s research, and the continued fight for marriage equality will all cast a spotlight on us and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Silence and secrecy has never been good for us as a community; being out and proud has".

To read Jacqui's full article, please click here.

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