Friday, April 12, 2013

[USA] - 10 kids, 2 dads: The world’s biggest gay family? - Tris Reid-Smith - Gay Star News

WOW!  10 Kids. Amazing

[Source: GayStarNews]

Are families really cheaper by the dozen? One gay couple in the US knows the answer – they have 10 adopted kids. Dad Clint tells us their amazing story and why they get free desserts

Clint McCormack always wanted to have kids. But neither he, nor his partner Bryan, ever expected to raise 10 boys.

With Mark, 20, Cooper, four, Garret, 18, Kenny, 20, Keegan, 14, Seth, 17, Graeme, 19, Liam, eight, Hayden, seven, and Caleb, 13, they may well be the biggest gay family in the world.

As the Supreme Court puts gay marriage at the top of the news agenda, I asked Clint how he ended up with such a big family and what its like living with 10 growing boys.

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[Source: GayStarNews]

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