Wednesday, April 24, 2013

[USA] - Lawsuit Seeks Florida Records on Gay Parenting Study - Molly Ward

More on that dodgy "Regnerus" gay parenting study.

[Source: OutQ]

A new lawsuit seeks records about a widely-panned study on gay parenting.

Professor Mark Regnerus’ New Family Structures Study claimed that parents who’ve had a same-sex relationship are lesser-quality parents than married heterosexual couples. But since its publication, the research has repeatedly come under fire, especially after it was revealed the study was commissioned hoping to sway the U-S Supreme Court as it considered two cases regarding marriage equality.

Now investigative journalist and L-G-B-T activist John Becker has filed a lawsuit against the University of Central Florida seeking access to public records about the study. The school houses the journal that published its results.

Becker tells OutQ News that he hopes the suit will uncover more about the validity of the research.

BECKER:”It could be that the information we uncover shows that everything is above board. But then again it could also be we find out that the review and publication processes are in fact just as ideologically driven as the data collection and the study itself.”

Becker previously filed a Freedom of Information request for details about the study, but was denied.

[Source: OutQ]

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