Monday, March 17, 2014

[Australia] "What has sexuality got 2 do with parenting?" by Brett Allen

“What has sexuality got to do with parenting?"
“Not much,” is the short answer.
Children raised by gay or lesbian parents develop socially and emotionally in much the same ways as children raised by a father and a mother. Such is the conclusion of thirty years of research; not trivial when you consider the additional stress and adversity same-sex parents and their children face because of social stigma and legal disparities.
Children thrive in circumstances that are stable, consistent, loving, and low-conflict. Their wellbeing depends on a range of factors that hold across family types, and are independent of the sexuality of their parents. These include:
  • The quality of relationships within the family;
  • The parents’ sense of competence;
  • The availability of economic and social supports.
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