Thursday, April 17, 2014

[Russia] - "Russia to ban gay surrogacy" by WeCareSurrogacy

"The Russian Government has planned to proscribe Gay singles from hiring a surrogate to have kids. This issue is widely being discussed in the international surrogacy market. However, Russia Law terms Gay marriage as illegal, the complete ban on them to have surrogate children could discomfort them a little. There are certain groups in Russia, which demand a complete ban on surrogacy as it would lead to encourage fertile parents even to rent a womb to avoid the pain.

The proposed law that prohibits Gay singles could be approved soon and this renders gay singles to look for surrogacy in another nation where surrogacy for singles is allowed. This will confirm once the bill is passed and the details are open to public domain. If it allows gay singles to take part in international surrogacy in other nations. Then, Surrogacy in Thailand would be the best option, it is the only nation in the world with world class infrastructure to help infertile without any restriction".

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