Tuesday, May 6, 2014

[UK] If You Want to Hear the Best Defenses of Same-Sex Parenting, Ask These Kids

Yes....cuteness warning!!!

"They want to make dinosaurs come back to life, change gravity and invent a car that doesn't burn fuel. But given a chance, these 10-year-olds wouldn't change a thing about their families — yes, even being raised by gay parents.

In a video filmed last year during the Imagine Children's Festival at London's South Bank Centre, interviewers asked a group of children about their hopes, dreams and family life. The results are heartwarming, and not because they're unusual; just the opposite, in fact. In interview after interview, the children make it clear how blissfully typical their home life is. Without ever coming out and saying so, the video is the perfect reubuttal for anyone who argues that gay parents are somehow worse for children than straight ones".

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