Monday, June 16, 2014

[USA] "Gay men looking to surrogacy for children" by Beth Roessner, The Desert Sun

It is Father's Day in the USA and there are lots of stories on Gay Dads - it is wonderful to see.


That's what Scott Hartzel felt when he learned his surrogate had multiple eggs developing.

He understood that this helped increase the likelihood of fertilization, but the thought of so many children was intimidating.

Then, he and his partner Scott Russell learned they were having twins. Panic turned to elation.

"I really wanted a girl out of this," said Hartzel. "We kind of knew it was going to be twins all along... My oldest is a girl and I thought, 'Can't I have just one more girl?' "

Fatherhood is a life changer, resulting in dirty diapers, soccer games and an immense sense of pride. It's also evolving, with today's dads taking on a larger role in parenting compared to previous generations. With same-sex marriage at the forefront, many gay men are pursuing adoption and surrogacy to bring children into their lives.

The Hartzel-Russell family, who now reside in Thermal, were living in Mississippi while their surrogate was in Arizona. The surrogate was inseminated with Russell's sperm and her eggs were used.

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