Sunday, September 7, 2014

[Australia] Gay Dads Father's Day Picnic - Botanical Gardens - Melbourne

Today was the 10th annual Gay Dads Father's day picnic at the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. It started and stayed as a relatively small affair for many years.  But this year, this 10th year, was different.  It was a huge event.  Maybe it was because it was more heavily promoted, maybe because there are simply so many more gay male parented families (and those who want to be dads) around - whatever the reason, the event has become a bit of institution.

We had gay dads from surrogacy, co-parenting, previous straight relationships and fostering all there.  Some with babies barely 4 months old to kids on the edge of their teen years.  Dads from the city and country and all the places in between.  We welcomed new friends from as far away as South Africa and Brazil. And we welcomed new friends from New South Wales recently relocated down south.

Why do we hold this picnic every year? There are a few reasons.

We do it to celebrate Father's Day, regardless of how we become fathers, we do it collectively enjoy a day of celebration and fun.

We do it to build a community amongst gay dads.  To ensure there is support and friendship.

We do it to encourage and share our experiences with those gay guys who are starting down the path of creating their family.  Showing them what is possible.

But for me, above all these incredibly important reasons, there is one reason which out shines all.  We do it so our children will grow up knowing that they are not the only kids with gay male parents. That they are in fact part of a great and growing community of gay male parented families.

Over the years we have seen our children grow up together, and even those who only see each other a few times a years, seeing them come together and play, form friendships, laugh, kick balls, climb trees, play tiggie - all those things gives us amazing satisfaction.  We know our kids are OK.  We know they are more than OK.

Our family had a great day today.  I am sorry if I didn't get a chance to chat to everyone, there are simply so many of you!!!  But from what I can tell, all the dads and kids had fun, made new friends and enjoyed the picnic in perfect weather.

For those who couldn't make it. and for those guys who are interested in becoming dads, put next years Father's Day picnic in your diary now.

For those who know of CHILL OUT at Daylesford, you may want to think about coming up for a day or a weekend next CHILL OUT.  Many Gay Dad families head up there each CHILL OUT.  The Carnival day is a great day to catch up.  We will be there again in 2015.

Attached are a selection of photos from the picnic.  Sorry for the families who missed out on the photo.  We had to choose a time to do it and I know some people had already left and many others hadn't arrived.  Not an easy job getting everyone in a single shot!

Again, thank you to everyone who came today.  It is you who make days like today a success.  A special thank you to all the new guys (and kids) that came for the first time.  An extra special thanks to Jeff Chiang-CruiseLee Matthews and Adrian Perillo, all of who are great ambassadors for Gay Dads and help make these events happen.

Rodney Chiang-Cruise

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Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Fabulous to see Gay Dads & their families
in this great selection of pics....

Be great if our Political Representatives
get to see the reality & understand how they are FAILING us & our children.
We & they deserve better in a progressive Democracy...

Australia is lagging so far behind ~~~~~~~~
Treat us as Full~Citizens & look after our Country & Environment ~ so it is a good place for all into the future....