Thursday, September 4, 2014

[US] "Back to the Land" by Margaret McCormick

A wonderful and inspiring gay male parented family.  Great to see these stories. 

Two Syracuse residents recently moved to a farm in Oswego County and are trying to make a go of it. Writer Margaret McCormick talked with them about why they would do such a thing, the challenges and the satisfactions.

It has been a year of firsts and milestones for Daniel Stazzone and Raymond Trumble-Stazzone.

It’s their first season with fields to manage and harvest, a big leap from gardening in the city. It’s the first time they’ve ordered chickens by mail and built a henhouse and a fenced yard for them. It’s the first time they’ve made ice cream with milk from their own dairy goats. It’s their first season as beekeepers, which has yielded a taste of honey and beeswax — and a few stings for Ray.

It’s also their first year as legal parents of their adopted, school-age sons.

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