Saturday, September 6, 2014

[US] "Why I Write as a 'Gay Dad' Rather Than Simply as a 'Dad'" by Rob Watson

Another wonderful piece from Gay Dad Rob Watson.  He always has something entertaining and insightful to say.  We are lucky to have him to write what many of us think and experience.  Thank you Rob!

I was thrilled when a friend of mine, Henry Amador, blogger and founder of Dadsquared, addressed the topic of being a gay dad in a blog post. He captures the essence of the extra effort that most of us who are gay dads have put in to become fathers when he writes:

[N]ow we too are grown. We finally fit into our skins. We have passed your foolish tests and questions with flying colors. If we made it and we are here and we have children that call us dads then we have leapt over hurdles never imagined. We, like all other groups that have suffered at the hands of another, have risen above it. We have taken ownership of who and what we are. We have come to identify with what we are. We have come to be proud of what we are. So you ask, why do I call my self a Gay dad? Well because I made it and that is what I am.

I felt moved by his words and related to them. I felt compelled to share them, and soon thereafter I was being called on to defend them. A fellow blogger and supporter of equal rights sent me a text that read, "Where does the battle end? Isn't the ultimate victory call to call yourself a dad -- without a qualifier?"

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