Thursday, October 30, 2014

[USA] "Why we chose surrogacy over adoption" by David Hudson

This is an interesting piece on why one gay couple opted for surrogacy over adoption.  Obviously, in Australia the ability to adopt is severely restricted either by state laws or simply the lack of children available for adoption.

Eric and Grant Anderson tell GSN about how they became dads to their twins, Ryan and Garet, through the use of a surrogate mom, and what advice they’d offer to others considering the same route to parenthood 

Eric and Grant Anderson are both originally from Orange County, California. Together for the past 17 years, they relocated in to the UK in 2005 and now live in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Both work as academics, with Eric, aged 46, a professor at the University of Winchester and Grant, 35, a lecturer at Brunel University.

Soon after meeting, they discussed their mutual desire to become parents. On arriving in the UK, they looked into adoption, but ended up opting for surrogacy. In July 2012, they became the proud parents of fraternal twins, Ryan and Garet – born to a surrogate mom in California.

Eric explained to GSN why they took this route, their experience of the surrogacy process, and what advice they might offer to other prospective gay dads.

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