Tuesday, November 11, 2014

[USA] "Analysis: PolitiFact Is Wrong; Social Science Does Show Children Do Best With a Mom and a Dad"

OK.....I don't normally promote this rubbish, but have a look at how so-called "christians" fail to understand what Science is (hardly surprising, is it!).  This embarrassing rubbish was posted on "Christian Post".  

The only consolidation is that hardly anyone believes this rubbish any more.  The sounds of the desperate, last stand by people who think the earth is 6000 years old!

Despite a wealth of social science research showing that children do best when raised by their biological, married mother and father, PolitiFact rated this claim "false" after Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council, stated it on Fox News Sunday.

"We know from the social science that children do best with a mom and a dad," Perkins said on the Oct. 12 Sunday morning news show.

Later that afternoon, PolitiFact posted an article rating the statement "false."
A 2013 report by Child Trends summarizing social science research on the topic stated, however, that, "on average, children in single-parent families are more likely to have problems than are children who live in intact families headed by two biological parents."

Children raised in homes that experience a divorce are more likely to have "academic and behavior problems" such as "depression, antisocial behavior, impulsive/hyperactive behavior, and school behavior problems."

And, children raised by stepparents "have lower levels of well-being than children growing up with biological parents." Which means "it is not simply the presence of two parents, as some have assumed, but the presence of two biological parents that seems to support children's development." (Emphasis in original.)

Continue Reading (if you can be bothered) at the UnChristian Post.

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