Wednesday, May 6, 2015

[AU] Let's Help Lee and Sandra Get Married (in NZ!) and Honeymoon before it is too late!

A GoFundMe campaign I am right behind is the one started by Australian Marriage Equality to help an lesbian couple from Tasmania get married before one of them, who has a terminal condition, passes.  Of course, we'd love it if they could do it in Australia but alas we are still in the dinosaur age here.  But New Zealand....oh...New Zealand.  Equality proudly exists in New Zealand.

Lets help Lee and Sandra get married, have a honeymoon and reception before it is too late.  Every dollar helps.  Spare a couple of cups of coffee and donate today.  It is good karma.

Lee and Sandra’s wedding is on!

In only two days people from all over the world have helped us reach the minimum we needed to book Sandra and Lee's flights to New Zealand and their accommodation.

They are over-joyed by the generosity of strangers and are so excited that their dream is coming true.

While Sandra and Lee are relieved they will be touching down in Rotorua very soon, we at Australian Marriage Equality want their marriage to be a truly memorable moment for them.

With Lee's health failing, their wedding in Rotorua will be their last adventure as a couple. We have a unique opportunity to make it special.

We have raised our target to $15,000. Your donation will go towards a small reception in New Zealand for Lee and Sandra and a short honeymoon for the happy couple.

Help us turn the injustice of this couple being forced to marry in another country into a beautiful, trans-Tasman celebration of love and commitment.

Donate Here...Now!

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