Wednesday, May 6, 2015

[UK] "Surrogate mother launched hate campaign against baby's gay father" by John Bingham

This case illustrates the vital importance of written agreements and screened IPs and Surrogates. Good agencies are important to managing the surrogacy process - just as much as good intentions are.  This is not a DIY activity!!!

A “duplicitous and manipulative” mother who tricked a gay couple into an informal surrogacy arrangement so that she could get pregnant has been ordered to hand the toddler over to them.
In the first ruling of its kind in England and Wales, Ms Justice Russell ruled that the girl is “more likely than not to suffer harm” if she were brought up by her obsessive mother rather than by her father and his partner.

The court heard how the woman kept the 15-month-old girl with her 24 hours a day, sleeping in the same bed, being carried around in a sling, and breast-fed on demand day and night.

A judgment details how the woman, who cannot be identified, was considering continuing to breast-feed the girl – known as M - for “several years” to come.

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