Thursday, August 25, 2016

[Australia] LGBTIQ Families Spoilt for Choice with Support & News Groups

As many will have noticed after a 6month (or so) quiet period I have finally got back to regular posting GLBTI parenting news on the Gay Dads Australia website here at

If you are interested in following this sort of news there are several options

Gay Dads Australia

Twitter: @gaydadsoz
Facebook: Global Gay and Lesbian Parenting News -
Facebook: Gay Dads Australia -

If Twitter / Facebook is your thing I also recommend following JOY 94.9's newest program Family Matters 
Twitter: @familymatters94 

And of course you should be following Rainbow Families


You are all amazingly spoilt for choice and all supported by passionate volunteers right around the country.

Makes me all warm and fuzzy knowing how many people are out there supporting our families.


Rodney Chiang-Cruise | 江克魯斯

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