Sunday, August 28, 2016

[Australia] "State government begins righting a ridiculous wrong" by Farrah Tomazin

I expect to see a number of articles leading up to 1 September 2016 relating to the upcoming "Adoption" law reform start in Victoria.  Here is one from The Age by Farrah Tomazin.

"Think of it as history made. From Thursday, same-sex couples will officially have adoption rights in Victoria, when new laws that passed state parliament last December finally come into effect.

Think of it, too, as a policy no-brainer. Until now, gay couples could become foster carers but weren't allowed to jointly adopt the children in their care, nor could they adopt their partner's child from a previous relationship. This week, years of discrimination is at last consigned to history's dustbin – which is exactly where it belongs.

But while adoption equality is enshrined in law for same sex-couples, the fact is the rest of the Adoption Act largely remains in the dark ages, failing to reflect contemporary attitudes and values, let alone the notion of a "modern family".

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