Friday, August 26, 2016

[Australia] Wear It Purple Day

Did you know that TODAY is "Wear it Purple" Day.  Well, what is that all about I hear you ask!

Gay Dads Australia PROUDLY Supports Wear it Purple Day - And YOU should to.  And we have gone PURPLE today!

Who We Are

We are young people changing the world.

We are young people working for young people.

What We Stand For

Every young person is unique, important and worthy of love.

No one should be subject to bullying, belittlement and invalidation.

We believe in a world in which every young person can thrive, irrelevant of sex, sexuality or gender identity.

What We Want

We want rainbow young people to be safe, supported and empowered in each of their environments.

You CAN Support Wear it Purple day more than just donning a Purple Vest - Check out their page on how you can support this youth lead project. Click HERE

Find Out More Here

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