Friday, September 2, 2016

[Australia] Children Of Same-Sex Parents To Ask MPs To Stop The Plebiscite

Children of same-sex parents and their families will travel to Canberra in mid-September to ask politicians to stop the marriage equality plebiscite.

The NSW and Victorian branches of the Rainbow Families group have approached a number of new MPs for meetings on September 13, as well as seasoned politicians they feel would benefit from hearing from the kids.

“The PM’s office has said he is unable to meet us, but we plan to keep asking,” said Rainbow Families Victoria convener Felicity Marlowe.

Ten-year-old Sadie told BuzzFeed News she is worried her family will be hurt by the “no” campaign.
“The ‘no’ campaign could say bad things on TV and on posters, like our family is not right and should have a dad,” she said.

“It makes me feel sad. Because we’re a normal family. We should be respected the same way as others.”

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