Thursday, September 8, 2016

[Australia] R U OK, Gay Dads?

Today is R U OK Day - It is a day to check in on the mental health of your friends, family, co-workers and people you don't know - by asking them "R U OK?".

As Gay Dads and Dads To Be, we often neglect our own mental health - focusing solely on our children or on the process to create our families.

We may be fabulous - but we are not super human.  The stress and struggles of parenting or the anxiety of trying to create your own family can be overwhelming.  It can be hard on us - it can be hard on our partner - it can be hard on our children.

Make today the day you ask your partner, your kids, your friends "R U OK?".  Let us all collectively look after the mental health of our extended community.

Our families are constantly under attack in the media for being "wrong", "un-natural" or for "denying our children".  If a plebiscite goes ahead - we can expect the rhetoric to increase.  It may be easy to rationalise and say "I don't care, I know it is rubbish" and think it doesn't affect you or your families mental well being.  The truth is that it does affect our health - even the strongest in our community suffer from this constant barrage of hate.  We need to be there for each other.

So today - and every day - I ask you to ask those around you, and especially your partner and your children:


And if you are having issues, if you are feeling overwhelmed.  If you don't have anywhere to turn or need to speak to someone - you can reach out to me ( or 0412 120 161).

There are also a number of organisations that can and will help you.  Please reach out to them if you need.

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