Monday, September 5, 2016

[Australia] Rainbow Families Victoria, ACT and NSW Head to Canberra to say "NO PLEBISCITE" - How You Can Help

Hi All

I received this message from our good friends at Rainbow Families.  Please consider helping.


Hey friends,
I am, once again, writing with a request for support for an advocacy campaign!
In partnership with Rainbow Families NSW, Rainbow Families Council are heading up to Canberra on Tuesday 13 September to say, for the kids' sake, please no plebiscite. Sarah and I are taking the kids with us as are about 4 other Melbourne families. We really believe it will make a difference and I have made several key appointments with crossbenchers and the ALP so fingers crossed.
Today we have launched our GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to support families to get to Canberra as well as our new campaign FB page "Rainbow Families say No Plebiscite" complete with a profile picture we'd love you all to use for the next two weeks. Please LIKE and SHARE it!
All the campaign details can be found here - including a request for you to take family photos with one of the four signs listed:

A direct link to our GoFundMe campaign is here: 
and of course if any of you want to come along, or can take family photos for our booklet, or can help with politician contacts or know someone who knows someone in media in Canberra...please call or text me !

Thank you all as always - I really believe that if we can all work together, we will stop the plebiscite. 

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