Friday, May 4, 2018

[USA] ‘Roseanne,’ ’Handmaid’s Tale,’ ‘Superstore,’ and More Take Baby Steps to Examine Surrogacy on TV | IndieWire | Hanh Nguyen

Now this is an interesting piece given how surrogacy is often portrayed in the media.  How is it portrayed in popular culture TV?  It is fair to say sometimes they capture some reality of it, other times it is sensationalized.  Have a read of this piece from Hanh Nguyen at IndieWire.

While issues with infertility and adoption have been represented frequently on television over the years, surrogacy stories have been spotty or treated more superficially. But as hiring a gestational carrier, aka a surrogate mother, has become more and more prevalent in society, television is racing to keep up with the conversation — which is multilayered, nuanced, and constantly evolving.

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