Thursday, November 15, 2012

[Melbourne] - Paul Boers - GLBTI Legal Advice at the Fitzroy Legal Centre

Paul Boers is an Accredited Family Law Specialist, who before moving to Melbourne volunteered at the Inner City Legal Centre in Sydney giving free legal advice in its gay & lesbian advice service.

Paul is now volunteering at the Fitzroy Legal Service and in December they are going to offer a similar free advice service to anyone from the glbti community.

Paul tells me that it will cover all family law issues relevant to the glbti community including surrogacy.  Initially Paul will be providing this advice service until they get more volunteer lawyers on board.

Paul says that the Fitzroy Legal Service is keen to promote this glbti advice service to the glbti community.  To help FLS and Paul promote it in the media they would be keen to speak to a gay male couple who have a children via a surrogacy arrangement, which is what they can give advice about, and how the advice service may have been of benefit for them.  Someone willing to be part of an media interview would be perfect.

If you need some advice and would like to help Paul and the FLS promote this through the media, please contact Paul Boers.

Paul Boers is an Accredited Family Law Specialist and can be contact at


Unknown said...

Hi Paul,

I have found your post, it is nice and your idea is very creative. You are a good Family Law Specialist and you are giving the free legal advice in its gay & lesbian advice service. You also cover all Family Law Melbourne issues.

Unknown said...

Hi Paul can I share this on Facebook?!