Saturday, October 11, 2014

[AU] "Modern Family Joy for Louise Pratt" by Andrew Probyn

It is always great to welcome new bubs to Rainbow Families, but this news is especially wonderful.  Baby Jasper Benjamin Pratt was born to former WA Labor Senator Louise Pratt and her partner Aram Hosie.  There are co-parents as well and they are State Labor MLC Stephen Dawson and his partner Dennis Liddelow. 

Indeed - this is a truly modern Rainbow Family.  So many congratulations to the new parents and co-parents.  

If you want to contact Louise or Aram to send your congratulations - their twitter handles are Louise (@Louise_Pratt) and Aram (@perissology).

Jasper Benjamin Pratt is practically the definition of the modern family.

The beautiful boy was born 10 days ago to former Labor senator Louise Pratt.

What makes Jasper extra special is that he is quadruply lucky.

Conceived by IVF technology, he entered the world to the loving embrace of one mother and three fathers.

His mum's transgender partner Aram Hosie is Jasper's live-in dad. But he also has two co- parents, State Labor MLC Stephen Dawson and his partner Dennis Liddelow. One of them is Jasper's biological dad.

Ms Pratt said Jasper was born on October 1 at 4.45pm in a planned home birth that was overseen by a midwife.

Born 2.5kg, Jasper is eating and sleeping well, putting on weight with gusto. With so many willing helpers, Ms Pratt said she was in awe of single parents.

"Our family is just one variation of the many types of families that exist - in our case Jasper has the love and daily care of all four of us," she told _The Weekend West _. "In many ways it's a similar situation to children whose biological parents separate and re-partner but who continue to co-parent together.

"Jasper will have no shortage of attention as he grows.

"In the meantime as a new mum coping with regularly feeding a hungry newborn I am appreciative of the support I'm getting from three other very attentive adults."

A long-time champion of gay rights, Ms Pratt's Federal political career ended when Labor failed to win a second seat at the repeat WA Senate election in April.

Jasper's co-parents, Mr Dawson and Mr Liddelow, made history last year by becoming the first same-sex couple to marry in Australia, taking advantage of ACT's same-sex marriage laws. The legality of their marriage was short-lived because the High Court struck down the ACT laws a few days later.

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