Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Family Matters - New Rainbow Families Program Starts 4 August on JOY 94.9

I have some exciting news for the Rainbow Families community.  JOY 94.9 (www.joy.org.au) - Australia's Gay and Lesbian Radio Station - is launching a new program this coming Thursday evening at 8pm called "FAMILY MATTERS"

Family Matters 8pm-9pmGina Lambropoulos, Adrian Perillo, Michelle Sheppard & Bec Dahl
A light-hearted look at parenthood and rainbow families

Of course if you are in Melbourne you can tune in at 94.9 on the FM dial.  If you are not, then you can listen live via the web at www.joy.org.au.

As far as I know this is the first program of this type in Australia (possibly the world?).  A program directed at our families.

I know I will be listening and supporting it and I'd encourage everyone else to do the same as well.  During the show, encourage and support them further by sending emails and texts - they will love it and it will let the program management know that programs like this are wanted.

Many of you will recognise some of the presenters.  Adrian Perillo of course is very familiar name to Joy listeners and Gay Dads - being a gay dad of two gorgeous twins himself.

Please tune in (or log on) on Thursday at 8pm to JOY 94.9 and support this new program.

You may even get to hear me as a guest one episode later in August.

I am excited to see how this program develops.  I have longed for a show aimed at our families and now Gina, Adrian, Michelle and Bec have put one together.  Let's all support it.

Rodney Chiang-Cruise

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