Thursday, February 14, 2019

Australia | Surrogacy Seminars | "US Surrogacy & Donor Eggs - Best Practice Seminars in Melbourne & Sydney"

HI All - there are some Surrogacy seminars coming up in Melbourne and Sydney. I received the following information from Sam Everingham which I am passing on in case some of you are interested:

"As you well know, US states which allow foreigners to engage continue to be the most reliable avenue for surrogacy & egg donor arrangements. However the many moving parts and conflicting laws can be a nerve-wracking process.
To address this, next month FTS is hosting a best practice seminar in Melbourne (26 March) & Sydney (28 March) to help those considering US surrogacy or donor eggs . A handful of California’s top experts including Karen Synesiou, Andy Vorzimer & Dr David Smotrich will be speaking along with Australian parents and myself".
Tickets are limited, but can be accessed via
Further details will soon be available on our website event page:

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