Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[Australia] - 2Mummys 2Daddys - Online Rainbow Parent Friendly Store

There is a new online store that has opened up in Australia called 2Mummys2Daddys which is selling rainbow and GLBTI inspired clothing and accessories for babies and toddlers of Gay Dads and Lesbian Mums.  What a wonderful idea!  Some of the little one pieces would have been perfect for Ethan when he was young!! 

Caroline Mulcahy from 2Mummys2Daddys spoke to me about her Online Baby Store:

What was your motivation for creating your website? "My motivation to create 2Mummys2Daddys was simple, my love and passion for my community & babies!"

Why a baby store for the LGBTIQ Community? "Because… I wanted to launch a unique online store in support of my community. A store where you can find cute, groovy, funky & good quality gifts for any baby or child from any family!  My vision came to life after many conversations with gay & lesbian friends who had children, were expecting their first child, were planning a family or were family & friends of same sex couples with children whom they wanted to buy for".

Tell us about your collection?  "I wanted to bring a brand to the LGBTIQ Community that was unique & colourful. My vision was all about incorporating the colours of the rainbow being our ‘pride flag’ of the LGBTIQ community to my designs. My jumpsuits are very popular, especially the “Funky Headphones” and “Made with Pride Barcode”.

Apart from your collection, what other products are your favourite/popular? "The “Cordy Roy Soft Toys” by Annabel trends are just beautiful, our “Baby Track Shoes” are a must have special keepsake for any little boy or girl!  Our collection from Belly Art of the “Inkless Print Birth Certificates and Frame Kits” are very popular!  Let’s not forget our “Little Feet” Collection – Baby Oxfords or Soggs Egg Carton Socks – OMG just too cute! 

My favourites would be “Baby Pride” Jumpsuit - with the baby in a rainbow nappy and our back sacks! 

Our back sacks are a must have in all parent bags especially the 2pack - “The Stinky Stuff” and “The Clean Stuff”.  These have proven to be very popular!  Just a simple bag but very handy.  We have had parents using these for kids school camps – pack one with “clean stuff”, and teach them to put all their dirty clothes in the “Stinky Stuff”.

What is your aim for 2Mummys 2Daddys?  "To be effective, efficient, reliable and friendly service every time.  I strive to make the online shopping experience easy, convenient, smooth but most of all FUN!"

Anything else? Yes! 2Mummys 2Daddys is all about a sense of Community! Love! Laughter & Pride!  Now stop reading and get shopping!

So, if you are interested in checking out some GLBTI inspired products for your new baby, head on over to 2Mummys2Daddys to check it out.

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