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[Australia] - Same Same - We're in the Midst of a Gayby-Boom - Ryan Auberson Walsh

The "Gayby Baby" documentary is getting some great press, and deservedly so!  Have a read of the Same Same article by Ryan Auberson Walsh.

“Kids with gay and lesbian parents are the result of long deliberation, careful planning, a bit of luck, and lots of love,” say Sydney filmmakers Maya Newell and Charlotte McLellan.

“But who are these children? And are they somehow different to other kids?”

Voiceless from the beginning, bar a passionate wail and whinge every now and then as all good babies do, children living in a household with same-sex parents are often left unheard – particularly when it comes to social issues that directly affect them, such as marriage equality and having parents of the same gender.

Over the past 12 months, two young Australians have teamed up with the attempt at providing a vessel through which children like them can finally get a word in.

Their film is to be titled Gayby Baby, a documentary that “will reveal the untold stories of kids in same-sex families and allow the rest of us to understand what it means to be raised culturally queer”.

Maya Newell serves as producer, writer and director, whilst Charlotte McLellan is the documentary filmmaker and photographer. Having met at university in Sydney after being lulled into friendship “on account of matching schedules and haircuts,” this is the first of two projects they’re working on together, and is a rather personal one for Newell, who has two lesbian mums.

“I have loved growing up with two mothers,” she says. “In my opinion, children need love, security and support, and it doesn’t matter if that is given by one parent, two parents or more.

“I hope that in watching this film, audiences will be inspired to interrogate ‘what is family’ and how and by whom is it defined.”

The trailer for the documentary contains a snippet from ABC’s Q&A with opposition frontbencher Joe Hockey stating, “we’ve got to aspire to give our children what I believe the very best of circumstances, and that is to have a mother and a father.”

In the midst of what the director describes as a “gayby-boom”, Newell believes that around a quarter of long-term gay and lesbian couples are raising a child, and notes that “worldwide, millions of ‘queer spawn’ are invisibly roaming streets, schools and living rooms.”

The duo have set a date of December 18 to bring in funds of $100,000 to put towards the filmmaking process, currently sitting just under $11,000 – a figure we noticed has risen by over two thousand dollars overnight.

Featuring kids from queer homes ranging from toddlers, young teenagers and a young boy with an adorable voice, Gayby Baby will be the film for this queer generation, and the next.

The Gayby Baby creative process can be followed on Facebook and Twitter @gaybybaby. Or send the filmmakers an email on

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