Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[Australia] - The Doctor's Wife 2: Our Big Gay Country Wedding - New Film from Jonathan Duffy

Jonathan Duffy is more than just a "Doctor's Wife", he is an independent film maker who recently produced his award winning film "The Doctors Wife".  The film "The Doctor's Wife" was first screened at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2011 and has received wonderful reviews and awards.

The first film has made it into the official selections of;

Perth Pride Film Festival
Mardi Gras Film Festival
Tropical Alternatives Film Festival
Spring Out Canberra
Hollywood Fringe Festival [Film]
Oregon Queer Film Festival (Portland, USA)
Ogunquit Rainbow Film Festival (Maine, USA

Jonathan is now in the process of making the sequel, aptly named "The Doctor's Wife 2" and is seeking crowd funding to help it happen.   He has 5 days to go and only a bit over $4000 to raise.  I am proud to say that my hubby (Jeff) and I financially pledged our support to the film via the Pozible crowd funding website (here).

I'd encourage everyone to visit the page and have a look for yourself at Jonathan Duffy's film proposal.  It is interesting and entertaining and worth your support.

Jonathan describes his new film:

The Doctor's Wife 2: Our Big Gay Country Wedding is a follow up to the independently produced, award-winning documentary The Doctor's Wife (www.doctorswifemovie.com). The film will be an exploration of marriage equality in Australia through the eyes of Jonathan Duffy (The Doctor's Wife) and Vincent Cornelisse (The Doctor), an openly gay couple thinking about taking the next step in their relationship. 

The Doctor's Wife 2 will be a balanced view of the important and dividing issue of marriage equality, seeking to establish whether there is a qualifiable non-religious reason to be against marriage equality. The documentary will interview well-known and ordinary people from all walks of life who represent varied views on the issue of gay marriage, whilst following the journey of Jono and Vinnie returning to their old home and much-loved country town of Munduberra to have a wedding. 

[Source: Pozible Website]

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