Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[Australia] - Help Us Meet with Federal Minister Jenny Macklin on GLBTI Parenting Issues

The organisation OURSAY are running a Question and Answer session on the topic of "All About Families".  You get to vote (up to 7 times) on a question and the five questions with the highest number of votes will be selected to by put to the Minister, Jenny Macklin.

On top of that those questioners will be invited to a morning tea with the Minister to discuss these issues in more detail.

This is an AMAZING opportunity for us to have someone represent us directly to a Federal Minister.

The question we are posing is:

Despite the 84 amendments to Commonwealth law that passed through parliament in 2008 there are are still many areas where families with same-sex attracted parents encounter barriers, including legal parentage, access to inclusive services, marriage equality and education. How are you working to ensure that children with gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered parents are treated equally and equitably across all government policies?

You can help ensure that we get our question into the top 5.  Please go to the OURSAY website and register (with Google or Facebook).  Then go to the ALL ABOUT FAMILIES question for us and click VOTE 7 times.  It is that easy.  We only have a few days left so please head off there now and vote to get this question up.

The OURSAY website explains the "ALL ABOUT FAMILIES" project as follows:

Australia’s families face different pressures —from balancing the weekly budget to making sure the kids have the things they need for school—and at times, it can be hard to make ends meet. As kids grow from newborns to teenagers, the needs of families and the challenges they face vary.

OurSay and the Federal Minister for Families, Jenny Macklin, want to hear from you about your concerns and how the government can lighten the load for families.

It’s your chance to ask Jenny about the Schoolkids Bonus and other assistance to support families. Where do you need help? Do measures like the Schoolkids Bonus, Family Tax Benefit, Paid Parental Leave and Dad and Partner Pay help? What do you want to know more about?

People with the top five winning questions will be invited to discuss their questions over morning tea with Minister Macklin. This event will be hosted by Essential Baby and moderated by Editor Amber Robinson.

If you’re passionate about the issues, OurSay invites you to also attend one of two family-friendly workshops in Melbourne on 24 November 2012 and Sydney on 25 November 2012. We’d love to meet you, so register your family’s attendance for the Melbourne or Sydney workshops.

[Source: OurSay]

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