Tuesday, January 22, 2013

[Australia] - India cuts Off Gay Dads - Star Observer - Benn Dorrington

I spoke earlier today to Benn Dorrington from the Star Observer about the effect the recent "closing of the door" decision in India has had on gay men looking to do surrogacy there.

I have had a number of gay guys contact me recently, distressed and despondent about what has happened.  Pinning there hopes on becoming fathers via surrogacy in India has been often the only realistic (cost-wise) option for many gay men.  Over the past few years the ranks of gay dads via surrogacy has exploded because of the "Indian Option", but now many men are left wondering what to do.

Some I have spoken to are actively pursuing altruistic surrogacy in Australia.  It is a challenging path, but if you can find a surrogate and egg donor, a wonderful option.  Others are looking at the US again.  Cost is always the issue with the US but there are wide variations even there.  Looking at certain states other than California is one way of keeping cost down.  Thailand may be an option for some, but there are complexities there that can make it difficult for some.

"The prospect of starting a family has been dashed for some gay men in Australia following a decision by the Indian Government to cut access to its popular commercial surrogacy program.

It also leaves gay couples and other groups of people who have already started the process there in a legal limbo, unsure how they will return to Australia with their newborn children.

The Indian government has issued a new directive that only heterosexual couples who have been married for more than two years can enter into commercial surrogacy arrangements, and only if it is legal in their home country".

To read all of Benn Dorrington's piece, click here.

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