Wednesday, January 16, 2013

[Australia] - Our Family (Will Have) Two Daddies - Chris and Wade

At Gay Dads Australia we follow a large number of news sites and blogs in order to capture the latest news on GLBTI parenting from around the world.  But the one type of Blog I really love to read are the ones were people are documenting their journey on the road to parenthood.  The narratives that they are creating are wonderful and inspiring - and I am sure that other GLBTI people gain a huge amount of information, enjoyment and assistance by reading them.

The narratives are not just for the "now".  They also act as a powerful and loving narrative for your children in the years to come.  How wonderful will it be for them to read about the journey you went on just so they could be born.  Thank you Chris and Wade for sharing your "narrative" with the world!

Today, Chris and Wade posted a piece entitled "This is Delhi".  Please see the excerpt below and follow the link to read the full entry.

"We are slowly transitioning from frightened, shocked and overwhelmed caucasians to chilled out and loving the atmosphere. There are parts of Delhi and Indian culture I don't understand, but after a fantastic walk and shop in Old Delhi, effortlessly flying around the city and getting the hang of handling touts, we are feeling comfortable".

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ARGC said...

the blog has been removed?

Rodney Chiang-Cruise said...

Yes, strange - the blog has disappeared! don't know why :(