Friday, January 18, 2013

[Australia] - Surrogacy Australia 2013 Annual Conference in Melbourne - 6 to 7 April 2013

Surrogacy Australia have just announced that registrations are now open to their second annual "Surrogacy Australia" conference.  

The conference will be held in Melbourne on 6 and 7 April 2013.   I attended and spoke at the 2012 conference and it was a full house affair.  If you are interested in surrogacy this is a great conference to attend.  See the press release from Surrogacy Australia below

Media Release

Surrogacy Australia is excited to announce that registrations for its 2013 Annual Conference in Melbourne on 6/7 April are now open. The conference program is attached.

The surrogacy landscape is constantly changing at home and globally, so we thrilled to be able to bring you over 23 expert speakers - lawyers, doctors, counsellors, Australian parents, surrogates and children born through surrogacy from Australia, India, the US and Thailand.

Whether you are a intended parent, looking into carrying for someone, a family lawyer, or healthcare professional, this program will guarantee much debate and information sharing from some of the leading international speakers on surrogacy practice.
This conference is also a great event to spend time with other parents through surrogacy from around Australia.

Fax a completed booking form (one for each person) on the last page of the brochure to the secretariat or go to

Be sure to book early to ensure an early-bird discount.


Brian White said...

I would have liked to have gone, as I live in Melbourne, and currently in India doing the paperwork to return with the new additions, but $220 (Members) and $250 (Non Members).

No thank you.

Maria Townsel said...

Each individual must attend the surrogacy Australia National Conference 2013 to understand the key benefits of egg and sperm donation. The media must promote such initiatives to change the mindsets of ordinary people about the innovative way to become parents.

Allan Smith said...

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